itpo nigeria

The conception and setting up of the ITPO Nigeria is as a result of the collective believe globally and locally of the huge potentials in the Nigeria non-oil sector. It is known fact that Nigeria is endowed with abundant natural and skilled and unskilled human resources with a dynamic population of over 170 million people. This is why it is one of the top three destinations for Foreign Direct Investment, FDI, in Africa despite the current challenges faced

The concept of establishing UNIDO ITPO Nigeria is to engage the Nigeria government, relevant MDA’s private sector operators, SME’s institutions and the ECOWAS Region in sustainable economic development through promotion of technologically based investment in collaboration with the ITPO network worldwide.

In particular, ITPO Nigeria is in consonance with current economic policies/direction of the Nigerian government geared towards industrialization, poverty alleviation, women and youth development, FDI generation, SME development and economic well being. During his visit to the US shortly after his inauguration President Mohammadu Buhari stated that, “We are the most populous nation and largest market in Africa with vast human and natural resources, blessed with abundant young skilled workforce. There is no other way to expand economic opportunities and create employment opportunities for millions of our youths than boasting domestic manufacturing, undertaking infrastructural development and industrialization”

All indices point to the fact that Nigeria is the next global manufacturing hub with an estimated consumer market of $150bn. Easy access to 15 ECOWAS countries with a combined 300 million consumers and annual GDP of $734.8bn makes the country ripe for intervention of the ITPO in stimulating investment in technology, facilitating SME growth and build capacity of export oriented activities in the non oil sectors.