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The essence of the Delegates Programme is the placement of officials from developing countries in the business environment of major commercial centers throughout the globe. This allows the opportunity to forge industrial alliances between partners from the Delegate’s home country and partners from the host country. To facilitate this broking, the Delegate has access to the wealth of promotional expertise, methodologies, software, techniques and data available in UNIDO.

The Programme enables officials from ministries of industry, investment promotion agencies, development banks, chambers of commerce and industry, export promotion agencies and other institutions involved in project promotion to participate in the day-to-day work of a UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO).

ITPOs are one-stop shops for four services crucial to investment promotion and technology transfer: (i) dissemination of investment information, (ii) identification and promotion of investment opportunities, (iii) provision of training in promotional techniques, and (iv) matching project sponsors with potential foreign investors. ITPO staff maintains active links with the business community and development agencies in the Offices’ host countries as well as extensive data banks of companies interested in industrial partnerships in developing and transition countries.

ITPOs are established in several key commercial cities in the developed world as well as in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. They are located in Bahrain (Manama), China (Beijing and Shanghai), Italy (Rome), Japan (Tokyo), the Republic of Korea (Seoul), and the Russian Federation (Moscow).The UNIDO Delegate Programme is unique in the field of investment and technological promotion. The Programme supports the efforts of developing countries to foster direct contacts with industrialists as well as development and financing institutions of the ITPO host countries; and to attract financial and technological partners for their industrial projects. It has a proven record of success. This can be measured in the wide range of joint ventures and other cooperative agreements already established in developing countries. The success is also evident in the different sources of finance for the Programme. Aware of its efficiency as a promotional tool, host governments, international organizations such as UNDP and the European Union, as well as the private sector are funding the implementation and expansion of this Programme.

Before his/her assignment, the Delegate is expected to compile a portfolio of promising investment and technological projects from the home country. To ensure that a number of these projects reach fruition, the Delegate receives information on potential investors in the host country interested in developing-country markets. The Delegate is also familiarized with the latest tools and techniques to assess the economic viability of projects. In brief, the Delegate is given an introduction to the business community and is armed with state-of-the-art knowledge to negotiate and finalize commercial transactions.

The selection of qualified Delegates is a key to the success of the Programme. Traditionally, Delegates are chosen from organizations involved in investment and technological promotion, such as investment promotion agencies, development banks and export promotion agencies. The results achieved by the Programme have also attracted private-sector participation with an increasing number of chambers of industry and other privately funded organizations placing Delegates.

The Delegate Programme is operated largely within the framework of UNIDO’s ITPOs. However, given the fruitful results achieved by the Programme, other organizations have expressed interest in also establishing delegate programmes. It is preferable that such programmes are implemented in association with. To assist organizations interested in the programme, the following sets out UNIDO’s substantive guidelines for the efficient implementation of a delegate programme. 

The major objective of the present guidelines is to provide Governments and other investment and technology promotion institutions with basic information on the initiation and implementation of the Delegates Programme.